"Brewski" Beer Scented Candles
"Brewski" Beer Scented Candles
"Brewski" Beer Scented Candles

"Brewski" Beer Scented Candles

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Made by Bees Wix Candles

Each "Brewski" scented beeswax candle is hand poured into 125ml mason jars with a bleached square wick. These wicks are engineered to curl while burning, minimizing carbon build-up, and are made from 100% natural fibers then finished with chemical treatments to improve burn qualities.
Each candles smells like a fresh, ice cold Pilsner! 

Never experienced a beeswax candle? Here are some advantages to burning beeswax in your home:
- Beeswax candles are non toxic and non allergenic
- Burning natural beeswax emits a natural honey scent
- Beeswax emits no soot or smoke
- Beeswax has longer burn times and drip less than other candle waxes
- BeesWix candles have no hazardous lead wicks
- Burning beeswax gives off negative ions that neutralize and purify the air we breathe